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Welcome to Lembcke Pharma

HANS-E. LEMBCKE e.K. - Germany - A Pharmaceutical Company - Active worldwide

HANS-E. LEMBCKE e.K. 's pharmaceuticals are designed for use in the pharmaceutical field.

The company was founded by the still active manager HANS-E. LEMBCKE and provides the international markets with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies since 1962.

Today, HANS-E. LEMBCKE e.K. is well known as a leading supplier of outstanding quality pharmaceutical products following German and international standards EUPHARM, BP and USP. HANS-E. LEMBCKE e.K. 's mission is to provide the highest quality product possible following the idea: QUALITY FIRST, PROFIT SECOND.

We communicate in 4 languages, which grants cultural sensitivity and the ability to develop international business contacts. Our clients include: Ministries of Health, Humanitarian Organisations, Hospitals and Medical distributors, worldwide.

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