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Since 1870 the Lembcke family is linked to Hanseatic tradition, the Port of Hamburg and its world-wide connections by different activities such as shipping, running bonded warehouses, printing and import/export business.

In 1962 we started selling of pharmaceutical preparations in cooperation with German laboratories (co-manufacturing) under our licences and technical guidance. From the beginning we have been at the service of Government Institutions, Hospitals, Insurance Companies and Red Cross in the Home market and worldwide.

By the time we developed our own specialities with the result that almost 300 pharmaceuticals were registered in the Federal Republic of Germany following the demanding needs of the market.

The way of capital investment in existing laboratories is under study which at the same time offered the opportunity to specialize on product lines. Now, the production of our pharmaceutical specialities is realized in different parts of the Federal Republic of Germany, Europe and Asia.

GMP-Conformity, FDA-Conformity, German wholesale Licence

The "Expert Committee on Speci­fications for Pharmaceutical Pre­parations" of The World Health Organization has determined in its information no. 22 (1969) the basic rules of "Good practices in the manufacture and quality con­trol of drugs". Recommendations and demands with similar aim were published by FDA (US Food and Drug Admini­stration) and the DPSC (US Defense Personal Support Center). Their maximum demands have the status of standard rules world­wide.

The competent health office has certified already in 1973 that the capsule laboratory was inspected to prove the basic rules of the WHO for the production of phar­maceutical preparations and the security of their quality and that the production is in conformity with GMP.

The inspection of FDA has made it possible for us to export to those countries for which fulfillings of FDA demands is the prerequisite for the importation of pharmaceutical preparations. We therefore may say: Hans-E. LEMBCKE e.K. / LEMBCKEPHARMA have GMP-Conformity and FDA-Conformity.

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